How much WOW do you have in your life right NOW? If you're not living the life you desire, there's a very good reason why.

Our Discovery Diagnostic reveals your WOWNOW Factor.It helps you see which of five areas of your life need some Tough Love:

NOW: The reality check. Am I in the passenger seat or the driver's seat of my own life
HOW: How did I get to this space? Who influenced me?
WHAT: Do I know my WHY? Do I know what I want out of life?
WILL: Will I take action. Do I have the will to take the necessary action to get a better result?
WOW: Do I celebrate my wisdom, the value I bring, my place in this world?

WARNING: If you need sugar-coating, this Discovery Diagnostic is not for you.

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This Discovery Diagnostic is best viewed on an iPad or a computer screen